Why Diamond?

Why Diamond?

For over 30 years, Diamond Design Precast has been a leader in manufacturing handcrafted, architectural precast concrete products for both residential and commercial construction projects that require the strength and durability of concrete with the flexibility and ease of installation of precast technology.



Along with our wide range of standard offerings, our skilled and experienced artisans can work with you to design and create a variety of unique sizes, shapes, textures or colors to fit your project needs.



Diamond’s precast products are engineered, handcrafted and manufactured by our highly skilled and experienced on-site artisans in a controlled environment. This ensures our consistent high quality, uniformity of style and function, and the precise fit you need for a beautiful product that will enhance your indoor and outdoor design and build projects.



Diamond’s precast concrete products arrive at your site ready and easy for you to install, which eliminates the risks, mistakes and delays of on-the-job pouring, finishing and curing. This greatly reduces costly job-site disruptions, saving you and your customers significant time and labor costs and increasing overall customer satisfaction!



Diamond’s durable precast concrete products are cast in re-usable molds, do not decompose or emit any toxic fumes, gases or harmful components and require little need for repair or maintenance over their long lifetime, making them ideal for both hot and cold climates. In addition, we strive to maintain this lower environmental impact by using only local resources for all of our concrete production, thus further reducing our climate footprint for an overall green alternative!



Known for our long history of workmanship, attention to detail and pride in our products, the Diamond Design Precast team is here to provide you with superior customer service and support for all of your project needs. From the time you order to when you receive your final products ready for you to install, we are with you every step of the way!